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How to make easy money protecting nature

Too good to be true?

Unfortunately, there are lots of hard ways to make no or very little money protecting and stewarding nature and biodiversity: carbon credits, donations, policy, ecosystem services valuation, and, heck, even farming.

A key premise of BASIN though is to change this. People should be paid often and paid well to restore and conserve nature and the infinite gifts it provides.

Get paid to restore & protect Nature

Today we are excited to show you two ways to make money and fund natural capital at the same time. It only takes a couple clicks. Just follow these instructions:


  1. Get a Zora account.

  2. Go to BASIN's Ensurance Collection.

  3. Select any Certificate of Ensurance you want to share and promote.

  4. Click the share link and copy the link for the platform of your choice.

  5. Share the link and promote.

  6. Repeat steps 3-5. Over and over and over.

The share link pays you on all mints generated by your link. Funds are automatically distributed to your wallet.

Zora has a great write up on how this works. You can also use the Zora "invite" link to earn even more by onboarding your friends, family, and coworkers onchain.


While perusing Certificates of Ensurance to share make sure to collect each certificate before sharing the link.

Each Certificate of Ensurance is a share in the BASIN Protocol. BASIN Protocol rewards and patronage dividends will be distributed to Ensurance Certificate holders via our stream and flow mechanisms built into the protocol. Be prepared to receive all types of value: more certificates, ecological assets, usdc, eth, mrv data, impact certificates, and so much more.

All proceeds into the BASIN Protocol ensure nature and the benefits it provides in perpetuity. See the BASIN Field Manual for more details.

Happy collecting and see you onchain.

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